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Breakout Session four

Friday, June 7th

10:10 AM - 11:00 AM


Wasatch Room

All Aboard: New Employee On-boarding Panel

Chelsea Wells, U of U

Scott Teichert, WSU

Kris Coles, UVU

This panel of supervisors will be discussing the skills and resources they are providing to newly hired staff.  They will discuss how they have been able to help new employees become productive and contributing members of their respective offices.



Getting to Know the 21st Century Student: The Adult Learner

Richard Gonzalez, USHE

Literature continues to tell us that adult learners or non-traditional students (as many call us) learn differently. Further, it takes more than a marketing campaign to get us to seek higher education and persist to a degree. We learn differently. We have different motivations and needs. There are close to 300,000 people in Utah with some college but no degree. There are another 330,000 Utahans that hold a HS diploma or GED. There adult prospects compose a large market that our higher education institutions cannot afford to ignore. Let us get to know them and do something about it. Join me to learn what drives this much needed population, what is the literature telling us, and what you can do right now to attract more adult learners to your institution.


Timpanogos Room

Degree Works Prerequisite Checking - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Kris Clayton, UVU

Vadra Rowley, UVU

DegreeWorks prerequisite checking provides a way to highly customize prerequisites and display those prerequisites to students in the registration system. With the good, however, comes some tricky things as well. Come learn the ropes of how prereq checking works in DegreeWorks and what it takes to keep it running smoothly.
Professional Development & Potpourri

Garden Room

You Matter: Stress Management and Self-care

LuAnn Helms

Individuals in helping professions often neglect self-care. Dr. LuAnn Helms will discuss stress management, self-care, and why, if we value helping others, we have an obligation to them to take care of ourselves. Participants will also have an opportunity to gather self-care ideas from Dr. Helms and from each other, and to develop personal wellness goals.

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