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Breakout Session one

Thursday, June 6th

11:00 AM - 11:50 AM


Wasatch Room

Do You Know What Enrollment Services Told Me?

Pat Williams, BYU

Kelly Jensen, BYU

This session will go over obtaining good customer service and some different ideas on how to achieve this while using student employees.  BYU's front lines are students.  They are the ones that initially talk to the students and parents in person, on the phone, through emails and other message systems.  We will talk about how we make sure we are giving accurate and consistent information.  We will touch on dealing with difficult calls and still have them like you (or at least understand) in the end.



Working with Undocumented Students

Pedro Moncada, U of U 

What practices should be used to be mindful of undocumented students needs and what signs to look for that undocumented students may use so they do not "out" themselves.


Timpanogos Room

Using BIG Data to Fuel Professional Collaboration and Student Success

Crystal Giordano, USU

In this era of trendy analytics software, we see many news articles about institutions that have adopted big data systems and ultimately seen dramatic increases in retention and student success. The difference between success and failure is the ability of any institution to take analytics into action—which is a team effort. Ultimately, what helps students succeed is human intervention, not data. Analytics focus and guide human activity, but professionals operating at the peak of performance is what ultimately makes the difference.

Professional Development & Potpourri

Garden Room

The Piece That Is You

Tom and Gayle Holdman

The Holdmans will be sharing experiences from their journey of going from making small stained glass pieces out of Tom’s parent’s garage to creating art glass installations for temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other buildings worldwide. They will share stories of challenges and miracles along the way, some of the themes found in their art, the power of teamwork and what they have learned about the incredible worth and potential of each of God’s children.

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