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Breakout Session Three

Thursday, June 6th

3:00 PM - 3:50 PM


Wasatch Room

Collaboration Between Admissions and International Student Services

Brett Tolman, UVU

Connie Whaley, UVU

Junko Watabe, UVU

Michiko Arthur, UVU

The Office of Admissions and the International Student Services Office at UVU must work together seamlessly.  The collaboration between these offices ensures a great experience for our International students and was instrumental in bringing the Terra Dotta software to UVU.  This presentation will show you how our offices work together and how we made this software possible for our students and university.



Cultivating a Culture of Commitment Within your Student Leadership Organizations

Amie Tukuafu, SUU

An engaged and invested group of students can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful year. Through being consciously aware and invested in creating an environment that allows your student leaders to grow and flourish within their duties will foster more commitment and follow-through amongst your team. We will explore a few main motivations for why students choose to stay invested and how we can utilize them in cultivating a dynamic organizational culture that students will want to be involved in.


Timpanogos Room

Student Records Management: AACRAO and State Guidance

Eric Humphrey, UVU

Rebekka Shaw, Utah Division of Archives and Records Services

Record retention and maintenance schedules can be tough to figure out, implement, and keep up to date. You may have institutional policies, office policies, or no policies at all! Join us to learn more about AACRAO recommendations and to hear from the Utah Division of Archives and Records on what they recommend and the services they provide.
Professional Development & Potpourri
Garden Room

Now What?
Recognizing and Defusing Risk

William Erb

Reports of violent actions within a school setting have become common occurrences today. The uncertainty and stress caused by these events can be crippling at times. However, there is a science to threat and the escalation toward violence. When hearing names like Oklahoma City, Columbine High School, Arora, Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech, many will call up connections to tragedies, some as far back as 1995 and 1999. In the decades since these incidents, the science of threat detection has been progressing. The purpose of this presentation is to help staff recognize the pathway an individual goes through as they escalate toward the mindset and behaviors that accompany violent actions. We will review steps that staff can take when working with an escalating student far before they progress to a violence mind set. As members of the higher ed community recognize what these behaviors look like; they can better mobilize resources to assist students that are progressing toward violence.

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